ask-masamune sent: Magoichi, where are you?... is not like I miss you or anything... idiot.

"Kika, Magoichi’s gay lover’s here!" Zig shouted from the living room; Kika was raiding the fridge at the moment.

She threw an apple for Zig to catch, obviously hinting she was busy eating and he could handle the man himself. He wasn’t stupid, had the strength to wrestle a bull, he could talk to Masamune.

"…Since Kika’s being stubborn and refuses to leave the kitchen, I’ll say it myself. Magoichi’s been out for some time; something about Keiji and he ran away. I apologize."

[ OTL. Its not like I’m hinting that I’m barely on this account and am hoarding my other one or anything. Oh no. ]

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ooc; Masamune’s Defeat

Because I did Masamune’s fight, might as well do the dialogue after you beat him.

Note: My character’s name is Juu. Don’t confuse it as the official name of the main character of Pokemon Conquest.


Masamune: Hmph. I guess I must have let let my guard down. I won’t go so easy on you next time, Juu!

Magoichi: Ahem…Are you really going back to Nobunaga, Masamune? I mean, if we were to join Juu’s army… ( JOIN ME BITCHES. PLEASE. ; A; )

Masamune: Try and think ahead a bit, Magoichi. I want to fight for the army that will eventually unite Ransei… And at the moment, only one army look capable of doing that. Now, come on! ( Masamune, your logic is flawed. I have more kingdoms and strength than Nobunaga; dafuq you doing son? )

Magoichi: All right…I hope to see you again, Juu. ( ; A; At least Mago likes me. )

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ooc; I’m back with…dialogue?

Well…I’m sorry for leaving again. OTL. It’s been storming here quite a bit, so it’s been chaotic. Anyway, it should be okay, and Pokemon Conquest has kept me busy. And since I’m finally at Avia (I grind a lot), here’s for my bro: the dialogue when you face Masamune and Magoichi.

Note: My character’s name is Juu, so don’t get that confused thinking it’s the official main character’s name or anything.


Masamune: You’re Juu, right? The one’s who too dumb to see that there’s no point fighting against Nobunaga…

Magoichi: Masamune, please! Can’t you see there’s a lady present? You can’t talk like that! My lady…Looking at your beautiful face…Why, I feel like I am floating above the clouds.

Oichi: …?

Masamune: We’re all floating above the clouds here, you imbecile! ( Jealous, Masamune? C: ) I’ve had enough of this. I’m going to the battlefield. Don’t keep me waiting!

Magoichi: Sorry about our Warlord. His temper is a bit, you know, short.

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ooc; Games Galore!

Well this is turning out to be a good night! Despite my MSN getting hacked, I’ve gotten two games I’ve wanted for a while.

Turns out a stray Target in New Lenox had just ONE copy left of Pokemon Conquest. Of course, we snagged it, so now I finally got a copy of my own! And with the game I got yesterday, Tale of Two Towns, I’ll be gaming my friends.

Of course, I won’t skimp on rping, but you can expect me to sometimes vanish because I’m playing either one.

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[s o u r c e ✖]
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[s o u r c e ]

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